Kumbakonam The Land of Temples

Kumbakonam is a spiritual land and is rightly called ‘Temple Town’.  The Pandiya, Chera and Chola dynasties  constructed a number of Temples.  There is a popular saying in Tamil, “Koil illa ooril kudiyirukkavendam” that means ‘We should not live in a place where there is no Temple’. People’s life, bhakti and Temple are inseparable. Temples are our cultural centres. People should not alienate themselves from the Temple as it is a part of our Nitya karma (daily routine duties).  In this book” Kumbakonam The Land of Temples for Good Fortune” an attempt is made to codify the list of Temples which are frequently visited by devotees.  

People often perform expiation ceremonies in these Temples. An intuition prompted the origin of a concept to write a book on Temples of the Delta region, especially the various Parihara Sthalam (places of remedies).   Nowadays, a large gathering of people is seen in some Temples to perform expiation pooja. Though these temples have a form of Lord Siva as the main deity, the deities that are associated with Navagrahas have attained prime importance. This is due to the reason that remedies for the various doshas are effective to the devotees.  The parihara deities have accomplished equal significance in all such temples. 

People, though they possess sufficient wealth, find it difficult to lead their life peacefully.  To make life, peaceful, pleasurable and enjoyable, they do expiation in these Temples.  Many devotees have found solace in such practises and hence the parihara sthlalas are increasingly becoming noteworthy in the worship of the Lord. The Nayanmars have always advocated in their composition (Thirumurai.) Lord Siva is the Supreme God, incomparable, most benevolent and Graceful Lord.  I see a big crowd in Dhenupureeswarar Temple (Kadan Nivarthi sthalam) at Thirucherai and a similar crowd in the Dharbaranyeswarar Temple (Sani sthalam) at Thirunallar.  People want to get rid of their problems.  People want to get their worries solved. 

All problems in this world are not permanent. They keep coming in turns through various planets (grahas). While some grahas deliver good things in life, some grahas have adverse effect on our lives. In order to minimises such adverse effect, we must perform expiation ceremonies to honour the grahas and pray for them to bestow good life. Success will be assured. We will get peace.

This book traverses through the various parihara sthala temples that offers remedies to millions of devotees whose horoscope poses serious challenges in life. Lord Shiva is supreme and He controls the grahas (planets) that form the maze in the horoscope that leads the way for our lives. But alas! Many horoscopes have planets positioned in haphazard manner within the boxes that decides the fortune of their lives.  Some misfortunes and many fortunate moments in life is how to look at the horoscope. Although all the planets are under the control of Lord Shiva, these grahas have been given equal importance in the His temples at various sthalas. 

This book is a one stop guide for all the good fortunes in one’s life. By offering the explicit explanations about these parihara sthalas, along with the procedures, one is bound to find fulfillment in life by going through this book and following the remedial measures. 

The stunning photographs and the graphic representation of these temples in the book take you through a journey of good fortune and better times. In good times, good things happen to good people. Hence, this book is being launched for the right people at the right time. The QR code provides so much for the devotee that it is self-explanatory to find a remedy and get his or her life back on track.

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