Kumbakonam – Sri Saraangapani Swamy Temple

Sage Brugu went to Vaikuntam and hit Lord Vishnu’s chest with his leg. Mother Lakshmi got angry and asked the Lord how he could allow this, since Vishnu’s heart is also the residence of Lakshmi. The sage fell at the feet of Lakshmi and said that he did it as per the instructions of the devas to find out the god to whom Yagna was to be dedicated. He pleaded with Lakshmi that she should be his daughter. Mother Lakshmi asked the sage to perform penance to realize his wish. The sage did his penance at Kumbakonam and found Lakshmi on a lotus in Hemapushkarini Theertham. He took the baby and named her Komalavalli, and she grew up. Lord Vishnu came to wed Lakshmi with a bow named Sarngam, and hence he is called Lord Sarangapani.


The sin caused by Deiva Nindhana whether done knowingly or unknowingly, could be removed by worshipping Perumal in this temple with Tulasi. Married couples are blessed with a child.

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