The Splendour of Srivilliputtur


The bustling town of Srivilliputtur is well known for its Vishnu temple dedicated to Vatapatrashayee and the adjacent temple for Andal and Rangamannar. The Vatapatrashayee temple is one of the famous Divya Desams or sacred places eulogized in the Tamil verses (pasurams) of the Alwars (twelve important devotees of Vishnu). The deity in this temple has received the encomiums of Perialwar and Andal who belonged to this place. The first chapter of this book details the traditional story (Sthala Puranam) of Srivilliputtur, while the next is about the two famous Alwars connected with this sacred place- Perialwar and Andal, with special reference to the literary works of Andal, namely the Thiruppavai and Nachiyar Thirtunoli. There is a chapter on the Amuktarnalyada, a well-known literary work in Telugu by Emperor Krishnadeva Raya of the 16th century C.E.

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Srivilliputtur, the abode of Andal and Rangamannar, occupies a special place among the Vaishnavite temples. Andal’s contribution to Tamil Literature is elaborately discussed along with other allied work like “AamuktaMalyada”. The Art and Architecture of the Andal and VatapatraSayee Temple are illustrated Lavishly and presented in detail along with Chapters devoted to Temple Festivals, traditions, Prasadam (Holy Food). For the first time all aspects of Srivilliputtur are presented in visual detail to the readers, we hope this volume will be a fitting addition to the Readers and Collectors alike.

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