Ahobilam – The Sacred Abode of the Nava Narasimha


The Ahobilam temple and the Math are inseparable. The math is believed to be swayam vyakt (self-manifest) set up by the Lord himself. The deity worshipped is known as Malola Lakshmi Narasimha; the idol is made of solid gold. The Lord appeared repeatedly to young Srinivasacharya of Melkote in Karnataka, in his dream and ordered him to come to Ahobilam, become a sanyasi and undertake a mission. The Lord, assuming the form of a yati, is said to have initiated the young Kidambi Srinivasachar into the ascetic order, gave him the title of Sathakopa Jeeyar and asked to propagate the Sri Vaishnava philosophy. Thus the “Sri Ahobila Math” was established in 1398 A.D. by Adivan Sathagopa Jeeyar. This episode is sculpted on one of the pillars of the Ranga Mandapam in Lower Ahobilam.

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Narasimha incarnation of Lord Vishnu is revered for its immediate nature and for the love for his child devotee Prahlada, It is widely believed that Hiranyakashyapu was slain in the Ahobilam kshetra. In Ahobilam, Nine forms of Lord Narasimha have manifested and each revealing an Aspect of the Lord. Ahobilam has been also sung by Saint Poet Thirumangai Alwar. For close to 700 years now, Ahobila Mutt established by Saint AdiVanSatakopa Desikan, have been the caretakers and Patron Saints of this Kshteram. This book for the first time documents the Sculptural beauty, landscape of the hills and the contributions of the Ahobila Mutt to this region. We hope this book will be a welcome addition to the Readers.

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