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Universal Publishing house has the reputation of being one of the best in bringing out pictorial depiction of Indian Art & Cultural heritage along with its history. We pride ourselves in a wide range of activities like Art & architecture, ancient archaeological findings, Fairs & Exhibitions, hand out materials, photography and our jewel in the crown being the publishings of Temples of India. We work with professional and dedicated authors who deem it upon themselves to be wedded to their form of work. One of the pinnacle of our publishings is the collection of hand books on various temples of south India. Our research involved working shoulder to shoulder with different experts in all fields. Research organisations combine with our team to add sheen to the work bestowed upon us.

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Ancient art forms in India, revisited through a visual treat of pictures that brings out the rich cultural heritage to the fore and explains the historical importance of our civilisation to the present day. All this culminating in the divine form that existed and is so much relevant to the modern generation. Our efforts in combining all the above for the younger generation has yielded in such stupendous publications.


Design Studio

Designing and fashioning is our strength and our designers get encouragement from the ethnicity as well as the contemporary scenario. Inputs from various resources are combined for a unique originality from our publishing house. No concept is compromised and we stick to our highly aimed perfection.

Designing source from Germany and Technical collaboration by designers from US blend in our studio where ideas are deliberated, brain stormed and facilitated. This yields an output unparalleled.



Ancient sculptors have brought life to stones & rocks. The sculptures speak of the ancient times they were sculpted. It is like going through a historical script. It speaks of the valiant and divine happenings of a bygone era.

Our photographs are just bringing all those sculptures back to life. The pictures that we publish tell the same story that the sculptor intended to while chiselling the rocks & stones. Our photographs under the right lighting speak volumes of the history and culture that prevailed in those times.



Printing of high quality content needs equally high valued materials. Our publishing house is unique in this. Our printing team use the latest, state of the art technology for the best output. The quality of material and the expertise of the team brings life to the content. We keep abreast of the latest technology prevailing in Europe & USA from our printing partners there.

Production in house printing house which has worldwide network for high quality printing and technology update to produce international standards equivalent to Europe.

We Provide

Customised Publishing

If someone wants to publish a book or a periodical he/she need not look further. Their search for quality service stops with us. We provide a vast range of active service by presenting a complete feasibility research report before commencing on the given work. This involves experts from the editing team, photography, content writing, printing, copy editing, proof reading, designing, digitization team, packaging team.

Before commencing a project ,our team would brief the course of action that we would be taking in order to ensure the best quality and value for the money spent. We evaluate the project on a step by step basis to ensure methodical precision in the final product.


Bulk Order

We have professional expertise in providing books for libraries and offer attractive discounts on such procurements.

One need not look further than us when it comes to gifting corporate articles . We provide quality books for give away as corporate gifts. Our products would linger in the memories of people who receive such gifts be it any occasion. Special discounts are on offer for bulk orders. Please feel free to call on us for such needs.